Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and Infrastructure Project Finance: London 8-10 April, 2019

Participants in this hands-on program will become thoroughly familiar with the array of PPP models from Supply and Service Contracts, Management Agreements, Leasing, DBO, BOT, BOO, Privatization and a continuum of other approaches.

This 3-day workshop covers:

▪                What is Public Private Partnership (PPP)?
▪                Managing and Allocating Risks in PPP
▪                Quantitative Risk Analysis and Cash flow Forecasts
▪                Legal and Contractual Issues in PPP Projects
▪                Financing Issues including Capital Marketing Enhancement for PPP
▪                The PPP Tender Process
▪                Sources of Credit Support and Risk Support in International PPP Projects
▪                Further Sector Considerations: Transport, Electricity and Special Features of Water
▪                PPP and Social Infrastructure