International Project Finance & Cash flow Modeling: Paris 18-22 March; South Africa 16-20 September 2019

This program is designed to help participants break the project analysis process into its component parts. While differentiating between countries and industrial sectors, sessions introduce techniques for assembling market information and making qualitative judgments, as well tools for conducting thorough quantitative financial analysis.

It also examines differences between providers of finance and risk support. Bank markets, bond issuance, and other sources of foreign and local currency funding are discussed. Lectures cover examples of leasing and structured financing techniques used in creative ways in project financing and other deals. Careful attention is paid to the many techniques for enhancing the terms of funding through official players like the World Bank, EIB, IADB, EBRD, the Islamic Development Bank and others, besides Export Credit Agencies, etc.

The program’s fifth day session is a stand-alone cash flow modeling workshop. In a hands-on session, using excel software, participants will create a model for an LNG Plant suitable for examining project debt capacity as well as return on investment.

In this 5 day course participants will learn about:

  • Structuring Large Projects and Accessing the Most Competitive Funding in the Oil and Gas, Energy, Transport and other Infrastructure Sectors
  • Pro Forma Estimates and Cash flow Models
  • Key Legal Risks in Projects
  • Working with Official Providers of Funds and Credit Support (Export Credit Agencies, Development Banks and Others)
  • Current State of Capital Markets for Project Transactions
  • Cross-Border Leasing
  • Managing Interest Rate, Currency and Commodity Price Volatility
  • Building a Project Cash flow Model